VA PTA Legislation

Virginia PTA 2014 Proposed Legislative Program

Every year, the Virginia PTA puts forth a list of its Legislative Priorities on issues affecting our students, teachers, and schools. Each member of the Twin Hickory PTA is also a member of the Virginia PTA and, therefore, has the right to vote on the Virginia PTA Proposed Legislation Program (the "PLP"). The PLP can include both Legislative Action Items and Policy/Position Statements. Legislative Action Items are requests for the introduction, passage, or defeat of specific legislation by the General Assembly and/or regulations by the Virginia Board of Education or other appropriate agencies. Policy/Position Statements are statements of the Virginia PTA on general issues and may be used as the basis for addressing issues before the General Assembly, Virginia Board of Education or other appropriate agencies.

Once the PLP is approved by the members of the Virginia PTA, representatives of the Virginia PTA will take these Legislative Priorities to the General Assembly to advocate for the changes. This year, PTA Day is January 27, 2014.
Before the lobbying begins, it is important for the voices at Twin Hickory Elementary to be heard! The PLP Legislative Action Items and Policy/Position Statements that are part of the 2014 Proposed Legislation Program are listed below. The rationale for each of these items can be found at the following link -

Voting on the PLP is the right of every member of the Twin Hickory PTA. This year, voting will take place using an online ballot, which will give members more time to vote. Please access the ballot using the following link -

Members MUST have their UNIT ID in order to complete the online ballot. Twin Hickory PTA’s Unit ID is 00170953. All ballots must be completed by October 31, 2014.

LEGISLATIVE ACTION ITEM #1: The Virginia PTA seeks increased funding for mental health services for youth including but not limited to mental health first aid and suicide prevention programs to be administered and maintained by trained school personnel, such as school psychologists and/or nurses.

LEGISLATIVE ACTION ITEM #2: Virginia PTA seeks legislation to establish uniform guidelines for the hiring and training of School Resource Officers (SRO’s). Virginia PTA seeks to ensure that all SRO’s receive initial training on school-based situations prior to assignment in a school and participate in additional training over the course of their assignment. Virginia PTA seeks dedicated funding to enable localities to offer Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) or similar SRO training such that school and public safety budgets are not compromised.

POSITION STATEMENT #1: The Virginia PTA opposes any legislation that seeks to divert public funds from public schools, turn public schools into private corporations, remove decision making power from local school boards, or, in any way divides the relationships shared with parents, teachers and/or communities. Virginia PTA recognizes the importance of parent involvement in the success of our schools but discourages the use of “parent empowerment” laws in order to encourage school takeover by private organizations.

POSITION STATEMENT #2: Virginia PTA supports the development of school accountability policies that incorporate the widest variety of criteria available, emphasize individual qualities of the schools and allow for the highest degree of transparency.

Please contact Laura DeBusk at or Kammy Hambrick at with any questions regarding the 2014 Proposed Legislation Program or the voting process.